Putting It All Together

Cowboy waiting to ride behind the shoots at Helmville Rodeo

I have been compulsively working on this site since the beginning of the New Year.  My goal has been to have everything up and ready to go by the end of the month, in time for the Missoula Art Museum Action on February 2nd.  I think I’ll have a lot of people looking at me and I want to have a good showing of my multitude of talents as a photographic artist.  As I have been working on the site, I am actually kind of stunned to see how much my craftsmanship of lighting and style as a photographer has grown over the past fifteen years.  I keep remembering how difficult it was in the beginning.  I always heard that it takes someone ten years to actually become a photographer and I am now on my fifteenth year.  This is the first time I’ve actually ever put my work up for display.  I am both nervous and excited.  I have always been a bit fearful in the past that what I was doing was not really worthy of display.  Now that I have assembled this compilation of my body of work I see a lot of it is quite astounding.  I keep trying to step back and look at it objectively.   Much of it surprises me and really thrills me to look at as I comb through the multitude of galleries.  If this is the sum of me and my life’s work up to this point, I am quite thrilled since this is the first time I have pulled so much of it out to actually look at.

The shape and structure are now all in place and I finally have everything working this weekend.  Now I must go back through and begin fine tuning it all.  I have still got 5 days to finish it.

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