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Ricky's Hands - a fine art photograph of a man's torso with texture of hands across his stomach and chest.It was a cold weekend and a good one to stay in doors. I spent most of it working on optimizing this site. It has been my goal the last couple of weeks to begin to pull together a portfolio of my images and expand them so others could become more aware how proficient I am with my craft. I tend to dabble in many different areas and styles and am not just stuck in any one category. I have been a photographer for about 15 years now and as I work through my archives I am awestruck by how many images I have amassed over the years. I have been quite lazy in getting them organized and/or promoting myself. I have always been right of the cusp of what I can actually handle, workwise, and so have never needed to actually promote myself. I definitely have a unique approach to my work and am not very commercial. It has never been my goal to just crank out stuff to make a buck. I have way undercharged for my services over the years and always try to work within someone’s budget. I think most people are vaguely aware I am here and very few know the caliber of work I’ve been doing. It’s now time in which I somehow needed to put this all into perspective and at least make my presence known as a photographer in Missoula. The piece in the Missoula Art Museum is giving me a lot of exposure. The piece was featured as a half page image in The Independent last week. I was actually quite shocked to see it there. I had also placed an ad in the Wedding Fair special edition from last week. Knowing these two events were coming up at the beginning of the year, I began a campaign to rework the website about mid-December. It actually came together quite quickly. I love the new look and feel of the new site. Since I have begun the optimization process at the beginning of the New Year, the site has gone from about 5th or 6th on search engines to the front page. It surprises me how quickly it has moved. So anyway, I have spent the entire weekend completing the structure of the site, filling in all the Meta tagging, (which no one ever sees) and checking all the content and links. I see how powerful my work has become and for the first time I am beginning to see it as a collection!

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