A New Chapter

Framed Artwork Created From Helmville Rodeo for Missoula Art Auction

Tonight is the beginning of a new chapter in my life?  Several months back I had submitted a piece of my art work to the Missoula Art Museum for their annual auction benefit.  The piece was accepted and tonight is the opening reception.  The piece is one of my rodeo images called Helmville Rodeo, Montana #112.  I had shot it several years back and had it printed on a satin metallic paper that was wrapped behind the image.  I then had Janell at the Art Attic frame to it in a big black drop frame so the image looks like it is floating within the frame.  The final piece was stunning, I could barely stand the thought of giving it away.  So tonight I feel is my debut in the Missoula Art scene.  I am still a bit stunned and not sure what to make of it all!!!!

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